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Olivier Py

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“A god tortured by gods” for having loved men and condemned by Zeus for having given them fire and the arts, Prometheus is a symbol of disobedience, of contestation of the status quo; he is the shield that protects the weak from the word of the powerful. Often quoted and reinterpreted in literature since the time of Aeschylus, this divine play pits the Titan against the godly lieutenants Hephaestus, Apollo, Io, or Hermes. Because it is so fundamentally political, it offers, according to Olivier Py, a “lesson in insurrection.”

Olivier Py
Actor, poet, director, and man of engagement: Olivier Py's research follows all possible paths, both political and poetic, in order to meet the present and try to give it meaning. In this adventure that takes him from trestles to stages, the living word plays an essential part. It is at once the question and the answer that runs through his entire body of work. He calls on that of Aeschylus, of Claudel, of Shakespeare, or on his own, in long plays that dare try everything. As director of the Centre dramatique national d'Orléans, of the Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe, then of the Festival d'Avignon, he has shown time and again his loyalty to public theatre and to the ideals of cultural decentralisation.

Aeschylus (525-456 B.C.) is the oldest of the three great Greek tragedians. Of his work have only survived a trilogy, The Oresteia, and four plays, brought together by Olivier Py in Aeschylus, War Plays. Their simple plots give centre stage to the tales of heroes, the expression of longing, and to lyricism. A veteran of the battles of Marathon and Salamis, Aeschylus is at once the chronicler, the poet, and the promoter of the Athenian democracy.

Founded in 1947 as a product of cultural decentralisation, the Festival d'Avignon has decided to change its own dynamics and to go beyond its own physical and symbolic borders. Following the success of Nathalie Garraud and Olivier Saccomano's Othello, Variation for Three Actors and Olivier-Martin Salvan's Ubu, itinerant shows are back with Olivier Py's Prometheus Bound. Eleven locations draw a new map, invite you to take to the road, and bring the Festival d'Avignon closer to its local population.
6 JUL 20:00   Avignon, Espace pluriel La Rocade La Barbière
7 JUL 20:00   Boulbon, Salle Jacques Buravand
8 JUL 20:00   Caumont-sur-Durance, Salle Roger Orlando
9 JUL 20:00   Avignon, BMW MINI-Foch Automobiles
10 JUL 20:00   Saint-Saturnin-lès-Avignon, Salle La Pastourelle
14 JUL 18:00   Villedieu, Éclats de Scènes, Maison Garcia
15 JUL 20:00   Vacqueyras, Cour du Château
16 JUL 20:00   Saze, Salle polyvalente
17 JUL 20:00   Morières-lès-Avignon, Espace Culturel Folard

Shows not open for sale
12 JUL Le Pontet, Afpa 
13 JUL Le Pontet, Centre pénitentiaire

No charter buses for those shows. / Tickets are on sale at the Festival d'Avignon and in some of the above locations.


French text and direction Olivier Py
Costumes and props Pierre-André Weitz

With Philippe Girard, Frédéric Le Sacripan, Mireille Herbstmeyer


Production Festival d'Avignon
With the support of Spedidam
Hosted studio and residences at la FabricA of Festival d'Avignon

La Trilogie de la guerre et Prométhée enchaîné are published by éditions Actes Sud. 

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