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The 2016 archive

Bastien Dausse and François Lemoine

Created in 2016

Please note that if you buy a ticket for "Grey Ideas", it will be also valid for the two shows of the programme XS "Axis" and "Heimaten".

Grey Ideas © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


Grey Ideas is a quest for absolute freedom, an attempt to let go of the conventional, and a celebration of the incongruous. It is an opportunity to destroy our rational thoughts and to let ourselves ramble towards the irrational. Bastien Dausse and François Lemoine, two young acrobats, writers, and performers from the company Barks, imagine a world free of the laws and logics that rule ours. Making up their own vocabulary to express their vision of the circus in each and every one of their creations, they have decided this time to unhinge the laws of time and space, to erase the border between what's real and what isn't, to playfully defy gravity, all the better to make us lose our bearings.


Conception and performance Bastien Dausse et François Lemoine


Production Compagnie Barks, Filage
Co-production Espace Catastrophe, CREAC, La Cascade, Théâtre op de Markt Dommelhof, Transversale de Verdun, Hostellerie de Pontempeyrat, Maison folie Wazemmes (Lille), Espace Périphérique, Monfort Théâtre, CENTQUATRE-PARIS, Nest Thionville, Les Migrateurs, Compagnie Retouramont, ECB Bordeaux
With the support of Théâtre national de Bruxelles – Festival XS, SACD France, SACD Belgique et Beaumarchais-SACD

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