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The 2015 archive

Samuel Achache

Valence / Created in 2015

Fugue © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


Starting with an old musical form, the fugue, this eponymous show dissects its principles in order to reveal its skeleton. The story, obviously musical, if not operatic, is based on the question of the Pythagorean temperament. Its paradox: the cycle of fifths it is based on cannot be closed, as a comma is missing from the last one. The mathematical relationship is perfect in theory, and yet in practice the cycle it produces is a spiral. To embody this question, have fun with it, and maybe solve its impossible harmony, the musician-actor-singers brought together by Samuel Achache combine their voices, like the subjects and countersubjects of a fugue, and delve into the ideas of being in tune and of misunderstanding. If the modern man can accept tiny disharmonies in the relationships between notes, does he extend the same clemency to human relationships? How can we follow a common code and hope to create a unique conversation? It is never a given that we'll be in tune with someone else. Repeated attempts to agree with the other lead some to leave the world and its conventions; to enter a state of fugue. Samual Achache and his accomplices have decided to play with those conventions, to subject them to some abuse, in order to rethink what it means to be in tune. Their modern instruments mistreat ancient music...When points of view shift, what was once dissonant sometimes becomes very enjoyable.


Direction Samuel Achache
Collaboration Sarah Le Picard
Musical direction Florent Hubert
Scenography Lisa Navarro, François Gauthier-Lafaye
Lights Viara Stefanova, Maël Fabre
Costumes Pauline Kieffer with the help of Dominique Fournier
Collective musical arrangements  

By and with Vladislav Galard, Anne-Lise Heimburger, Florent Hubert, Léo-Antonin Lutinier, Thibault Perriard and Samuel Achache


Production La Comédie de Valence Centre dramatique national Drôme-Ardèche
Coproduction Festival d'Avignon, La Vie Brève, C.I.C.T. Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, Théâtre Garonne, Théâtre Olympia Centre dramatique régional de Tours
With the help of the Fondation Royaumont, du Carreau du Temple, de Pylone créateur d'objets à Paris

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