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The 2015 archive

Justine Berthillot and Pauline Peyrade

Created in 2015

Please note that if you buy a ticket for "Est", it will be valid for the second show of programme B "Rave".

Est © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


“To offer oneself to addiction and break away from it. To capture the moment where the foot breaks, where the head gives up. To travel through loss. To feel it. To take it apart. To dare to manipulate. To risk dissatisfaction. To unveil bodies and veil the Virgin. To shout. To dance. To sing. To close one's fists and bare one's teeth. To go through the night, through pain, through hope. To fight. To tire oneself out and collapse. To destroy, tear apart, smash, shatter, and trample. To laugh. To scratch and bite. To swallow and digest everything. Until there's nothing left. Nothing but the earth that carries us and the air that keeps us alive.”


Conception Justine Berthillot et Pauline Peyrade 
Text Pauline Peyrade 
Choreography Justine Berthillot
Sounds Antoine Herniotte 
Artistic collaboration Mathieu Bertholet 


Production Le Monfort théâtre 
Coproduction SACD - Festival d'Avignon


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