Cuando vuelva a casa voy a ser otro

When I get back home I'll be another one

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The 2015 archive

Mariano Pensotti

Buenos Aires / Created in 2015

Cuando vuelva a casa voy a ser otro © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


Forty years after burying a bag in a garden, Alfredo finds it again and watches as reappear the objects that belonged to the young revolutionary he once was. In this uprising of memory, his son, Manuel, helps him identify the author of an old song and wonders about the talented young director he himself once was. Hearing the voice of her murdered father, Natalia, a singer waiting for her big break, finds a way to self-realisation. Damian, a left-wing politician in need of money, appropriates an old show of Manuel's to win his wife back; but this deception does not pay...Mariano Pensotti tells the stories of those four characters and exposes their core identities, their personal myths, and their family stories, on a stage that doubles as a museum. When those ideal figures, born of dreams or buried, reappear, the characters are forced to face doubles; the people they once hoped to be, or they once were.The gap between reality and the image each set as his or her goal or model is clear. When I come back home I'll be a different person questions the legends that are forced on us, or that we force on our loved ones. The possibility to be someone else is always at once forbidden and wished for.


Text and direction Mariano Pensotti 
Scenography and costumes Mariana Tirantte
Music Diego Vainer
Lights Alejandro Le Roux  

Santiago Gobernori: Un ami d'Alfredo, Le DJ, Un acteur d'El Rio, Un ami de Manuel (musicien), Un Paraguayen du carnaval, Un musicien du groupe de Natalia, Cristian, Damián
Andrea Nussembaum: Une amie d'Alfredo, Laura, Une nouvelle actrice d'El Rio, Une Paraguayenne du carnaval, Natalia, La soeur de Damián, Une travestie (Les Beatles)
Mauricio Minetti: Alfredo, Un acteur d'El Rio, Un ami de Manuel (campagne politique), Carlos Paz le directeur du festival, Un Paraguayen du carnaval, Un musicien du groupe de Natalia, Le juge, Roby, Un ami de Damián, Un travesti (Les Beatles)
Agustín Rittano: Manuel, Un ami de Damián, Un travesti (Les Beatles)
Julieta Vallina: Une amie d'Alfredo, Romina, La narratrice et actrice d'El Rio, Une amie de Manuel, Une Paraguayenne du carnaval, Une musicienne du groupe de
Natalia, Estela, La voisine de Natalia, Une travestie (Les Beatles), Anabella


Production Grupo Marea
Coproduction Festival d'Avignon, El Cultural San Martín (Buenos Aires), Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires, Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Bruxelles), Festival Theaterformen (Hanovre), Mousonturm (Francfort), HAU Hebbel Am Ufer (Berlin), Maison des Arts de Créteil Scène nationale, Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers Centre dramatique national
With the support of the  Ministère de la Culture de la Ville de Buenos Aires

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