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film by Simon Brook

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Peter Brook

Peter Brook - sur un fil... © DR


For the first time in 40 years, the director Peter Brook has agreed to open the curtain on the hidden side of his work and to reveal the “secrets” of his methods. Entering the intimacy of a research and improvisation workshop for which he brought together, around him, an international group of actors and musicians, this film by Simon Brook invites us to undergo a unique theatre and philosophical experience, on a tightrope... At the Festival d'Avignon, Peter Brook presented The Conference of the Birds in 1979, The Mahâbhârata in 1985 and The Tempest in 1991, then in 2006, a South African play, Sizwe Banzi Is Dead.


film by Simon Brook


production Brook Productions
coproduction Cinemaundici, Ermanno Olmi and Luigi Musini, ARTE
in association with Centre International de Recherche Théâtrale
projection with the support of d'ARTE

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