La Scène (The Stage)

by Valère Novarina

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The 2003 archive

Valère Novarina

France / Created in 2003

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Valère Novarina's painting sets out to bring to earth the energies of Space, to reveal the thermal and magnetic variations of the venue, the invisibles angles, the hidden rivers and underground matter. The writer uses pictorial material like words: bare language, forgotten dialects, animal Latin, circus Greek, patois which are disappearing or up-and-coming neologisms.His particular language, from Discours aux Animaux (Conversations with Animals) to L'Origine Rouge (The Red Origin), from the Drame de la Vie (Drama of Life) to L'Opérette Imaginaire (The Imaginary Operetta), shows the language of theatre to be as flesh and blood, sometimes painful, often comical. “What do we see on stage?” The actors fall. Are they really suffering? Is the passion in front of us that of the actor or of the language ? Are words our actual matter, like wood is for Pinocchio? Are we made of words the way puppets are made out of logs? Are we the play-things of what we hear? How does it develop and explain itself in the space, how does the breathing fabric of language unfold itself ? How is it that the spectator remembers the undersides of words and always what is negative about the previous scene ? Why does the actor enter ? What do we see in the language ? Nothing ? Everything ? Is it our flesh ? Is it matter itself ? Is language the Actor of History ? Retracing his steps to the places of L'Origine Rouge, Valère Novarina continues and hones his research into a kind of theatre where the spectator and the actor will be moved by the “hallucinogenic, saving and terrifying” force of words – and where, on stage, at certain moments, the spoken word can be seen.


text, direction and painting: Valère Novarina
cast :Céline Barricault, Michel Baudinat, Jean-Quentin Châtelain, Pascal Omhovère, Dominique Parent, Dominique Pinon, Claire-Monique Scherer, Agnès Sourdillon, Léopold von Verschuer, Laurence Vielle
dramaturg: Pascal Omhovère
collaboration artistique :Céline Schaeffer
scénography :Philippe Marioge
linghting: Joël Hourbeigt
costumes :Sabine Siegwalt
songs :Christian Paccoud
music :Ludwig van Beethoven


Coproduction :Théâtre national de la Colline, Festival d'Avignon, Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne ETE, L'Union des contraires
avec: l'aide à la création dramatique du ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
avec le soutien :du Conseil régional d'Ile-de-France
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