Commedia del servitore (The Servant's Comedy)

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The 2002 archive

Stefan Moskov



Stefan Moskov, a Bulgarian director, has had the whimsical idea to revisit the classics. Re-worked with his jokes, we re-read some of the grand plays of repertory with a "guest star" commentator who is also the motor of the action, and it is not the master, but his servant. The play is called Commedia del Servitore, and it is a way of paying tribute to those valets, normally playing the second roles, to place them at the front of the stage, (just this once will not do any harm), not forgetting their age-old wisdom, nor their natural propensity for humour. Vivacity, vigour and laughter, live music all add substance to this new style carnival, which makes a leading man of Dom Juan' s Sganarelle or Don Quixote's Sancho Pança, who become cartoon characters from sketch to sketch in a paper decor. This is a mocking, ironic farce with incidental sociological virtues. The confrontational duos are led by a certain Monsieur Loyal du Spectacle, a sort of crazy theoretician who stands between the characters and their audience. It' s up to each spectator to recognise themselves or not in this puckish mish-mash where the roles are gleefully redistributed. Theatre emerges gaily from these amicable jostlings and is revitalised by the mischievousness of the director.


stage direction Stefan Moskov
cast: Nikola Dodov, Kamen Donev, Christo Garbov, Nentcho Iltchev, Viara Kolarova, Stefania Koleva, Adriana Naydenova, Maya Novosselska, Gueorgui Spassov, Borislav Stoilov, Valentin Tanev, Stefan Valdobrev
and Antony Dontchev (musician)
original concept and directed by: Stefan Moskov
stage design: Plamen Bonev
costumes :Svila Velitchkova
music :Antony Dontchev
lighting and video :Ivan Tonev
video animation :Vladimir Chichkov
dramaturgy: Natacha Kourteva


Coproduction :Théâtre Oulitzata, Théâtre de l'Armée bulgare, La Filature-Scène nationale de Mulhouse, La Rose des vents-Scène nationale de Villeneuve d'Ascq, Festival d'Avignon, THEOREM (avec le soutien du programme Culture 2000 de l'Union européenne)
Avec le concours :de la télévision bulgare et du Centre national du théâtre bulgare
Avec le soutien: de l'Onda pour les surtitres

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