Unter der Gürtellinie

by Richard Dresser

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The 1999 archive

Thomas Ostermeier



Rivalry, competition, the fear of losing one's job to another person... that is life in an enterprise today for those lucky enough to have employment, and for the three men in this play. There is no room left for a real life, that is constantly seeping away in another direction and that finally disappears beyond the professional sphere. The dialogues in this play are structured tightly and suggest a Kafkaesque vision of existence. Richard Dresser's play leaves the mark of tragedy on our daily lives, and Thomas Ostermeier makes the actors the only survivors in this world of ours that has lost its way - they are the ones who carry humanity further.


stage direction Thomas Ostermeier

German text : Stephan Jungk
Cast : Falk Rockstroh, Bernd Stempel and Tilo Werner
String quartet : Wolfram Korr, Franziska Blumers, Adrian Jones, Stephan Loew
Director : Thomas Ostermeier
Stage design : Rufus Didwiszus
Costumes : Marion Münch
Music : Jörg Gollasch
Script : Jens Hillje
Co-script : Marius von Mayenburg
Make up : Wolfgang Utzt
Lighting : Gerd Franke
Assistant director : Britta Schreiber
Technical manager : Bernd Fischer
Sound : Maik Voß


Surtitres réalisés avec l'aide du Goethe Institut (Paris)
Production : Baracke am Deutschen Theater Berlin
Création le : 3/09/1998. Droits S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt/Main

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