Boris Charmatz - Artiste complice of the 78th edition

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There are artists whose presence at the Festival d'Avignon takes on a special meaning, resonating with the programme to the point of irrigating the spirit of an edition.

This year Boris Charmatz will present 3 shows:


Boris Charmatz passes on a collection of circle dances to a group of 200 amateurs and professionals. A surge of choreographic creation which builds day after day in the open air.

Liberté Cathédrale

A choreographic storm danced and sung, carried by the power of the organ, of peals of bells, of silence. Boris Charmatz’s first creation for the Ensemble of the Tanztheater Wuppertal, with performers from the Terrain company, presented under the open sky for the first time. 


A different relationship to time and space to delve into one of the most famous works by choreographer Pina Bausch: a show as laboratory to develop different readings of Café Müller.