Gwenaël Morin

He should have been an architect. But four years after beginning his studies, young Gwenaël Morin switched gears and chose theatre, notably alongside Michel Raskine, under whom he worked as assistant. In 2009, he started experimenting with “permanent theatre” at the Laboratoires in Aubervilliers, following three principles: to perform every night, to rehearse every day, to continuously transmit one’s knowledge and experience. With his company, he has since directed Woyzeck, Hamlet, Bérénice, or Antigone… From 2013 to 2018, he was the director of the Théâtre du Point du jour in Lyon, where he directed Les Molière de Vitez or Les Tragédies de juillet. From Beckett to Sophocles, from Molière to Racine and today Shakespeare, those heralds of a raw theatre always in evolution, his radical directions strip the actors of the artifice of performance to bridge the gap between the audience and the power of those great texts. The audience of Avignon saw his direction of Andromaque à l’infini during the Art Week in 2020 and Le Songe in 2023, which opened his dramatic adventure in Avignon after Tiago Rodrigues’s invitation: to present each year (2023-2026) a work related to the guest language of the current edition.  

Portrait of Gwenaël Morin © Gwenaël Morin

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