Christiane Taubira

If Christiane Taubira refuses to call herself an author, she has always experienced, within the political fights that have been the foundation of her life, an irresistible pull towards writing. Other people's writing at first when, as a child, she devoured texts that made dignity and open-mindedness the pillars of her life. The writing of poets, too, which often comes back to her when she has to speak in public or give an argument, and serves as a springboard to give further resonance to the convictions she aims to defend or share. Her own writing, finally, when, seized by what she calls a “vital summons,” she writes urgent and candid essays (L'Esclavage raconté à ma fille, Mes météores, Rendez-vous avec la République, Nous habitons la Terre) to oppose elements of understanding to a world in upheaval and to remind us, through the power of words, of the existence of a community of humans.  

Portrait of Christiane Taubira © portrait DR