Collège Anselme Mathieu in Avignon

Collège Anselme Mathieu © Festival d'Avignon

The place

For the past five years, the collège Anselme Mathieu (Réseau d'éducation prioritaire +) and the Festival d'Avignon have chosen to focus on art and culture for the students of the La Rocade neighbourhood. In February 2014, they signed a twinship agreement focusing on several points: introduction to the arts and to what it means to be a spectator, introduction to the various careers in the performing arts, development of critical thinking thanks to the creation of web-reports for the web-TV of the Festival d'Avignon. Over 1,000 students, including 100 SEGPA students, have so far attended shows during the Festival d'Avignon (travelling shows, shows for young audiences, or shows performed in some of the Festival's most iconic venues). Since 2017, the newly-renovated college has served as a venue for the Festival's travelling shows.