Cloître Saint-Louis © Christophe Raynaud de Lage

20% of our audience comes to the Festival for professional reasons. The main three reasons why performing arts professionals attend the Festival are:

  • discovering new works and getting in touch with our ticket office,

  • attending debates and panels to learn more about health, law, and training options… and taking advantage of the services provided by the House of performing arts professionals,

  • taking part in meetings about upcoming shows produced or co-produced by the Festival

Ticket office

We provide a ticket office service dedicated to performing arts professionals to better welcome them and handle their requests. You will have access to one of our services depending on your profession and to the institution you represent. We also update our database of performing arts professionals in France and abroad every year

We invite you to identify which service applies to you so as to be able to handle your requests better:

For “pros”

By “pros,” we mean people working for performing arts organisations in a management or programming capacity (up to three people per organisation).

A pre-booking form is sent to “pros” before the opening of the ticket office to the general public. We treat requests and arbitrate timing conflicts in order to guarantee the programmed shows as much exposure as possible and to help those organisations keep abreast of artistic developments. For shows co-produced with one or more organisations, we also prioritise access for members of those organisations.

Ticket office for professionals

For other positions within performing arts organisations, we offer two options:

1/ you can book tickets as a group, following these rules:

  • use the name of your organisation when booking tickets

  • book over 25 tickets

  • the booking must be handled by a single person

  • it must be paid for with a single, one-time payment

By following those rules, the staff of your organisation will enjoy priority booking (before the ticket office is open to the general public)

Ticket office for professional staff

2/ you can also book tickets individually via our regular ticket office :
+33 (0)4 90 14 14 14
On our website or mobile app

For local authorities

This service is exclusively reserved to the staff of administrative institutions, to help them in their monitoring, production, and support work.

Ticket office for local authorities

For companies performing in the Festival

We make sure to provide as much help and support as possible to the companies performing in the Festival, and work with them to best handle their requests.

Ticket office for performing companies

For the media (printed or audiovisual) and press photographers

For more details

For all other media partners (under agreement with the Festival)

House of the publics and performing arts professionals

In July, the ISTS and the Festival d'Avignon propose a House of the publics and performing arts professionals.

Workshops of thought and professional meetings are brought together for a mobilisation in the service of the general interest. The exceptional character of the period obliges us to pay particular attention, we must write together, professionals, spectators, the pages of a cultural ambition to come, it is our responsibility as citizens of the Republic of ideas, arts and culture. Whether we speak of the memory of the future, of foresight, of anticipation or of the present, we will never be too many to keep this common house alive.

Learn more about the workshop of thoughts program
Learn more about the professional meetings

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Programming and production

You can send information about your work to our programming service by email only:

Be careful, as two events take place in Avignon in July: the Festival d’Avignon, which selects and supports about 40 shows, over 60% of which are new creations, and the OFF Festival (where companies independently perform and communicate about their work through the catalogue published by the OFF Festival).