Meeting in the courtyard of the Saint-Louis Cloister, 2022 © Alexandre Quentin / Festival d'Avignon

Ticket office for "pros"

Access to the ticketing service for professionals in the performing arts for the 78th Festival d'Avignon is changing.

Our ticketing service reserves access to one of the different ticketing services for each professional, depending on their profession and structure. Every year we update the list of French and foreign professionals.

We invite you to identify the service best suited to your role so that we can process your request more efficiently.

Are you programming at a venue?

You will receive an individual booking from our dedicated service for programmers.

By programmers, we mean people working in performing arts organisations who are involved in the programming of their venues (up to a maximum of two people per organisation).

This database is compiled by the Festival, with the aim of putting professionals in touch with the artistic teams programmed in order to improve the distribution of their shows.

We process the requests and decide on them in order to optimise the presentation of the shows on the programme and to ensure that the organisations are kept up to date with the latest artistic developments. We also encourage the heads of co-producing organisations to come and see the show(s) concerned.

Do you work in a structure with management functions?

Do you work in a public cultural institution (DRAC, region, department, ministry, etc.)?

Do you work in an organisation promoting performing arts (national, regional or departmental)?

You have 3 options:

1. Individual booking via the professional ticket office:

  • A form will be sent at the beginning of May to the managers of the structures. We will process and adjudicate requests subject to availability.

2. Individual booking via the internet, and purchase of the €20 Festival pro Card

Buying this card allows you to:

  • keep your professional rate throughout the event, order after order

  • buy tickets at the professional rate, including last-minute tickets at the venues.

3) Group bookings

Via a "pro team" form

This form enables you to book tickets at the professional rate centrally for your organisation's team, and must :

  • include the purchase of a Pro Team Card, worth €50

  • be made out in the name of your organisation

  • have more than 25 seats

  • be managed by a single contact and be subject to a single payment

Please note that this form does not authorize additional orders via the general public ticketing service.

Whatever your choice, you will have access to invitations for Mahabharata, the Bar of the Festival d'Avignon.

Contact and information request

You can send your request via this form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

For companies performing in the Festival

We make sure to provide as much help and support as possible to the companies performing in the Festival, and work with them to best handle their requests.

Ticket office for performing companies

Programming and production

You can send information about your work to our programming service by email only:

Be careful, as two events take place in Avignon in July: the Festival d’Avignon, which selects and supports about 40 shows, over 60% of which are new creations, and the OFF Festival (where companies independently perform and communicate about their work through the catalogue published by the OFF Festival).

Maison des Professionnels

July 1 to 17, 2024

Every summer for more than 10 years, the Maison des professionnels has brought together representative institutions, professional organisations and operators from the cultural and performing arts sectors to learn about, exchange ideas, reflect on and debate the artistic, cultural, social and economic issues affecting the performing arts today and in the future.

Organised by the Institut Supérieur des Techniques du Spectacle (ISTS), this event is aimed at all professionals working in the cultural sector, whether they are authors, artists, technicians or administrators.

From 1 to 17 July at the ISTS premises in the Cloître Saint-Louis.

Go to the Maison des professionnels website