Discovering the technical professions



Encouraged by the interest of our audiences in stage life, we have created "practical" initiations to the professions of stage machinery, lighting and set design. 2 weeks, 3 workshop formats, 300 participants.

Découverte des métiers de la technique © Festival d'Avignon

In a two-week period, 300 participants from 14 schools and 5 specialised establishments took part in the 3 workshops offered to children aged 9 and over: creating a montage based on a scenography, experimenting with the job of lighting manager thanks to a 1/10th scale reproduction of a theatre stage, and discovering scenography. A new approach to become an informed spectator!

Throughout the year, the Festival d'Avignon is part of the artistic and cultural education programme aimed at schoolchildren, the social field, universities and specialised establishments in the health field. The projects enable the audience to be sensitised and the works to be made accessible through the acquisition of common knowledge, which is necessary for a better understanding of the performing arts and, through it, of the world that surrounds us.

The Festival d'Avignon's artistic and cultural education programme is
in collaboration with schools, social and health establishments in the area,
in partnership with the École Supérieure d'Art d'Avignon, Carré Blanc Cie Michèle Dhallu, 2b company,
with the support of the Direction régionale des affaires culturelles de la région Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur et de l'Académie d'Aix-Marseille and the Préfecture de Vaucluse.

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