Photographes de spectacle vivant, 2021 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage

A major and unmissable event in European cultural life, the Festival d’Avignon attracts a large number of observers. Over 600 French and foreign journalists come to Avignon every year to cover the festival.

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Opus 64 - Valérie Samuel & Arnaud Pain


Press accreditations are delivered by the Press Office only to media representatives in charge of covering the Festival. Other media representatives may contact the Partners or Professionals desk.

For a journalist to be allowed to cover one or more shows of the Festival, their editor must ask the Festival’s press office for an accreditation. Accreditation requests must be sent in May or June, along with a copy of the journalist’s press card, to the following email address:


To access exclusive contents (see below), please ask our press service for thespecific link.

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To access high-definition photographs available for download, please ask our press office for the access to the specific page.
Please make sure to systematically credit the copyright for each picture you use.

During the Festival, official photographs taken by Christophe Raynaud de Lage are not copyright-free, except for regional media and online media.

The photographs published on the Festival’s website are not copyright-free. Please contact the photographers before using any of them; a list of the photographers present during dress rehearsals for each show is available in the press section of our website.

Press photographers

Only press photographers with the proper accreditation can attend dress rehearsals. Newsrooms or agencies wishing to have one of their photographers accredited should send a request in advance to:

Press room

A press room is available to journalists during the Festival. It is equipped with free access computers and WiFi. You can access the daily press review of the Festival there, as well as all printed and digital communication documents.

Press review

Our press review is available in the press room of the Festival d’Avignon (all day) and at the BnF-Maison Jean Vilar, 8 rue de Mons, 84000 Avignon.

Every year, the Festival d’Avignon prints a complete press review (about twelve volumes), which is available at the BnF-Maison Jean Vilar, but also in the performing arts department of the BnF in Paris (site Richelieu).

If you want your articles to appear in our press review, please send us your print and online articles as a PDF document in December of the year they were published.