Une Ombre vorace

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Mariano Pensotti

Argentina / Created in 2024

In the same way that one climbs a mountain, humans come to face the meaning of their existence in stages. When a high-level mountaineer meets his silver-screen counterpart, reality and fiction collide. 

Une Ombre vorace, Mariano Pensotti, rehearsal photo © Sebastián Arpesella


Jean Vidal, a mountain climber nearing the end of his career, decides one day to undertake the ascent of Annapurna in Nepal, where his father died some 30 years before. His story is adapted for the cinema. From there, Mariano Pensotti intertwines levels of fiction through the monologues of Vidal and Roux, the actor chosen to play his role and who himself speaks of his own father. Shooting a movie and climbing a mountain become two sides of human existence. The director, filmmaker, and founder of Grupa Marea likes grand epic narratives, where intimate stories echo each other and collide to unveil entire chapters of a forgotten history: like a mountain which, when the ice thaws, brings the bodies of the missing to the surface. 

El ser humano se enfrenta al sentido de su existencia por etapas, como cuando se asciende una montaña. Cuando un alpinista de alto nivel conoce a su doble en el cine, realidad y ficción se rozan. 

Pièce commune is a programme that aims to create a pocket repertoire for artists whose work is regularly showcased on major European stages. Every year, at the invitation of the Festival d’Avignon and the Wiener Festwochen (Vienna, Austria), one artist creates a play destined to tour throughout Europe and to be performed in very different spaces


With Cédric Eeckhout, Élios Noël 
Text and direction
Mariano Pensotti
Set and costume design Mariana Tirantte
Dramaturgy Aljoscha Begrich
Music and sound Diego Vainer
Lighting David Seldes
Artistic consultant Florencia Wasser
Translation Christilla Vasserot
Artistic collaboration Laurent Berger
Assistant directors Juan Francisco Reato, Edward Fortes
Itinerancy General Manager Emilie Larrue
Executive production General Manager Christophe Eustache
Sound Manager Sébastien Dorne
Production Florencia Wasser (Grupo Marea)


Production Festival d'Avignon
Coproduction Wiener Festwochen (Vienne), Théâtre du Bois de l'Aune/Biennale d'Aix-en-Provence, Éclat-Centre National des Arts de la Rue et de l'Espace Public-Aurillac, CCAS les activités sociales de l'énergie, La Vignette Scène conventionnée Université Paul-Valéry (Montpellier), Théâtre de Grasse, Théâtre du Champ au Roy (Guingamp)
With the support of Onda - Office national de diffusion artistique
Résidence Centre social Espace Pluriel, salle de la Barbière (Avignon)
Acknowledgements Théâtre de la Cité Internationale (Paris), Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe (Paris)
Performances in partnership with France Bleu Vaucluse

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