Sea of Silence

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Tamara Cubas

Uruguay / Creation 2024

An ancestral gathering, a decolonising rite. This play, which as yet remains untitled, is part of Tamara Cubas’ Sea of Silence project on female migrations, which she has spent the past few years chronicling. 

Sea of Silence, Tamara Cubas, 2024 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage / Festival d'Avignon


It is written in Genesis that Lot’s wife, fleeing her city on the brink of destruction, looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt. This salt covers the stage of Sea of silence, upon which stand seven women from all corners of the world. Powerful witches and warriors, they share a common will to disobey and resist. Uruguayan artist Tamara Cubas has been working on a long-term research project about migratory movements, which has resulted in several shows. Sea of silence —the latest of those creations— focuses on those who were only able to flee their country by leaving behind their family, their culture, their identity. Those women unite their voices in a performance that intertwines languages, songs, and dances: like a great ritual of invocation that aims to shake the world in order to enchant it anew. 

Un encuentro ancestral, un rito descolonizador. Esta obra, que aún no tiene título, forma parte del proyecto sobre la migración femenina Sea of Silence, que Tamara Cubas desarrolla desde hace varios años.  

Interview with Tamara Cubas


With Noelia Coñuenao, Karen Daneida, Dani Mara, Ocheipeter Marie, Hadeer Moustafa, Sekar Tri Kusuma, Alejandra Wolff
Concept, direction and set design
Tamara Cubas
Artistic collaboration Gabriel Calderón, Vachi Gutiérrez
Assistant director Alicia Laguna
Sound Francisco Lapetina
Lighting Ivana Dominguez
Costumes Brian Ojeda
Costume designer Agustín Petronio
Visual research Verónica Cordeiro
Distribution FITAM, Fundación Teatro a Mil (Santiago)
Translation for surtitles Joana Frazão


Production Tamara Cubas
Coproduction Campo Abierto (Riviera), Festival D'Avignon, Fundación Teatro a Mil (Santiago), Comedia Nacional Uruguay, Tanz in August/HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin), Teatro Línea de Sombra (Mexico), Zürcher Theatre Spektakel (Zürich)
With the support of Onda - Office national de diffusion artistique
With the help of National Institute of Performing Arts (Montevideo), Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo (Montevideo), The QDance Center (Lagos), Salina Artes (Salina Cruz), Indonesian Dance Festival (Jakarta)
Residencies Campo Abierto (Rivera)
Acknowledgements Indonesian Dance Festival (Jakarta)

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