Les Rêves dansants.

Sur les pas de Pina Bausch

  • Cinematographic territories
  • Young audience

By Pina Bausch

Les rêves dansants (Tanzträume) © Anne Linsel and Rainer Hoffmann


Territoires cinématographiques is a space for dialogue between the performing arts and cinema, created in collaboration with Avignon's Utopia cinemas. It's a daily gathering of film screenings, at the end of which the public meets and exchanges with theater artists, choreographers, filmmakers, activists, critics and journalists invited to the Festival d'Avignon. It's a space designed to explore the intimate relationships these guests maintain between disciplines and with the world. It's a place where we can take a closer look, both large and small, at the themes brought to the stage, the territories of the guest language, and under the plane trees of the Café des idées.

Les Rêves dansants. Sur les pas de Pina Bausch (Tanzträume)

By Anne Linsel and Rainer Hoffmann // Germany // 2009 // 1h30

Pina Bausch had the brilliant idea of reviving her show Kontakthof, this time without her troupe but with a group of teenagers who had never been on stage before. The film follows the process from rehearsal to premiere, and reveals a formidable machine for self-fulfillment.

For all ages 12 and up.

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