Le Siège de Mossoul

Une épopée contemporaine

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Félix Jousserand

France / Created in 2024

This sound performance, epic poem and war report in alexandrines, tell the story of the greatest urban battle since Stalingrad, from the troubadours to the age of drones. 

Mosul Battle © Patrick Chauvel


With Le Siège de Mossoul, a war chronicle and an epic poem in alexandrines, Félix Jousserand offers an oral and musical performance enhanced by sound documents, accompanied by cellist Bruno Ducret. Inheritor of the ancient aoidoi and medieval chansons de geste, the poet, who came up through the slam scene, recounts here the 2016-2017 battle between the Iraqi-western coalition and ISIS.

Esta performance sonora, poema épico y reportaje de guerra en alejandrinos, cuenta la historia de la mayor batalla urbana desde Stalingrado, desde los trobadores hasta la era de los drones. 


With Bruno Ducret (cello, vocals), Félix Jousserand (vocals)
Félix Jousserand
With the participation of Patrick Chauvel


Production Les 2 bureaux
SACD, Festival d'Avignon

Le Siège de Mossoul by Félix Jousserand is published by Au Diable Vauvert.