Història d'un senglar (o alguna cosa de Ricard)

Based on Richard III by William Shakespeare

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Gabriel Calderón

Uruguay - Spain (Catalonia) / Creation 2020

Multi-award-winning Catalan artist Joan Carreras blurs the lines between his role as a performer and his character in a unique variation on Richard III. A monologue in which identities and eras meld together to create a brutal reflection on power and theatre. 

Història d'un senglar (o alguna cosa de Ricard), Gabriel Calderón, 2024 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage / Festival d'Avignon


A man takes to the stage to perform as Richard III, Shakespeare’s tyrannical and monstrous king. His entire career as an actor has been a long tunnel of supporting roles: now that his chance is here, he intends to seize it. But as the play unfolds, strange affinities start to emerge between the actor and his role—ambition, manipulation, rage, and an all-devouring hunger... They have both known rejection and aspire to power. Tonight, they inhabit the same monologue. Gabriel Calderón, major Uruguayan author and director, knows that the stage is a dangerous place where one does not venture with impunity: a space of dialogue with death and dreams. His subversive and unsettling language is brought to life by Catalan actor Joan Carreras, recipient of the Max and Butaca awards in 2021 for his performance. 

El multipremiado artista catalán Joan Carreras disuelve las fronteras entre su papel como intérprete y su personaje en una singular versión de Ricardo III. Un monólogo donde identidades y épocas se confunden haciendo una potente reflexión sobre el poder y el teatro. 

Interview with Gabriel Calderón


With Joan Carreras
Text and direction Gabriel Calderón
Translation Joan Sellent
Translation for surtitles Laurent Gallardo (French), Ailish Holly, Eulàlia Morros (English)
Set design Laura Clos « Closca »
Lighting Ganecha Gil
Costumes Sergi Corbera 
Assistant director Olivia Basora
Character and costume assistant Núria Llunell
Stage Manager Roser Puigdevall
Sound Manager Ramón Ciércoles
Technical director Pere Capell
Technical team Àngel Puertas Machinery Koko Nadal
Machinery Lluís Nadal « Koko »
Photographer Felipe Mena
Production Marta Colell, Luz Ferrero
Distribution and communication Bitò


Production Festival Temporada Alta 2020 (Girona)
Coproduction Grec 2020 Festival de Barcelona
With the support of Institut Ramon Llull, Maison Antoine Vitez for the 78th Avignon Festival
Aknowledgments Emili Agustí 

Histoire d'un sanglier (ou un peu de Richard) by Gabriel Calderón, translated from Spanish (Uruguay) by Laurent Gallardo, with the support of Maison Antoine Vitez Centre international de la traduction théâtrale, will be published by Solitaires intempestifs in June 2024.

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