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When the body speaks #1

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The 2024 archive

With the diocese of Avignon

Every year since 1966, artists have come to discuss their careers, their artistic creations, and the great questions of existence.  

Foi et culture with Angélica Liddell © Anaïs Bottinelli / Festival d'Avignon


A regular guest of the Festival, Angélica Liddell summons in her creations the inner movements that govern our societies and individualities. Do today’s demons also reveal our fantasies and our quests for freedom? 

Angélica Liddell, invitada habitual del Festival, aúna en sus creaciones los profundos movimientos internos de nuestras sociedades, así como de nuestras individualidades. Los demonios de hoy en día, ¿revelan también nuestras fantasías y nuestra búsqueda de libertad? 


With Angélica Liddell, director of DÄMON

Led by Dominican friars Remy Vallejo and Thomas Carrique

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El funeral de Bergman
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The 2024 archive