F for Fake

  • Cinematographic territories

By Orson Wells

F for Fake © Orson Well


Territoires cinématographiques is a space for dialogue between the performing arts and cinema, created in collaboration with Avignon's Utopia cinemas. It's a daily gathering of film screenings, at the end of which the public meets and exchanges with theater artists, choreographers, filmmakers, activists, critics and journalists invited to the Festival d'Avignon. It's a space designed to explore the intimate relationships these guests maintain between disciplines and with the world. It's a place where we can take a closer look, both large and small, at the themes brought to the stage, the territories of the guest language, and under the plane trees of the Café des idées.

F for Fake

By Orson Welles // France - Iran // 1973 // 1h25

Orson Welles' penultimate film, F for fake is a playful and brilliant journey through his favorite themes, his obsessions as a gifted filmmaker: the true and the false, reality and illusion, personality and disguise...

Screening followed by a discussion with Fanny de Chaillé and Grégoire Monsaingeon, actor, director, scriptwriter and assistant director of Avignon, une école.
Moderated by Marjorie Bertin, journalist with RFI and Courrier de l'Atlas.

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