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With the complicity of Boris Charmatz, artistic director of Tanztheater Wuppertal, we invite you to dive into a selection of what cinema has to show of Pina Bausch.

Dancing Pina © Florian Heinzen-Ziob


With the complicity of Boris Charmatz, artistic director of Tanztheater Wuppertal, we invite you to dive into a selection of what cinema has to show of Pina Bausch. For over 12 hours, you can watch films by her, with her, about her and her work, as well as images from rehearsals, presented thanks to the support of the Pina Bausch Foundation.

Les rêves dansants, sur les pas de Pina Bausch (Tanzträume)

By Anne Linsel et Rainer Hoffmann // Germany // 2009 // 1h30

Pina Bausch had the brilliant idea of reviving her show Kontakthof, this time without her troupe but with a group of teenagers who had never been on stage before. The film follows the process from rehearsal to premiere, and reveals a formidable machine for self-fulfillment.

Dancing Pina

By Florian Heinzen-Ziob // Germany // 2021 // 1h52

Dancing Pina opens with a moving prelude. Two women try to remember: Malou Airaudo, who played Iphigénie for the first time in 1974, and her former student Clémentine Deluv, who danced the same role, and is preparing to teach this choreography to a group of dancers...

Un jour Pina a demandé

By Chantal Akerman // France // 1983 // 57"

Chantal Akerman followed Pina Bausch's work, capturing the high points and filming close up to the dancers' bodies. Her vision captures the passionate, political violence embodied in Pina Bausch's choreography.

AHNEN ahnen. Rehearsal

By Pina Bausch // Germany // 1987 // 1h20

With this inexpensively shot film Pina Bausch gives a glimpse into the day-to-day work of rehearsals. Uncompromising, without a thought for the potential spectators´ viewing habits or the build up of dramatic tension, she works with film – a new medium for her – showing only what interests her.

Café Müller

By Pina Bausch // Germany // 1985 // 48"

This film is the official recording of the piece Café Müller authorized by Pina Bausch and recorded in August 1985 at a performance in Wuppertal.
With Malou Airaudo, Pina Bausch, Dominique Mercy, Jan Minarik, Nazareth Panadero and Jean-Laurent Sasportes 

Probe Sacre

By Pina Bausch // Germany // 1987 // 45"

During the exterior shooting of her film The Plaint of the Empress in 1987 Pina Bausch was told that the lead dancer performing the role of the sacrificial victim in The Rite of Spring had fallen ill. The performance was scheduled for the following evening so Pina Bausch called off the filming and immediately organized a rehearsal in order to prepare Kyomi Ichida for the role. Some of the film crew also came to the rehearsal room. Recognizing an opportunity, they began to film the rehearsal, which was already underway.

E la nave va

By Federico Fellini // Italy // 1982 // 2h08

A shaky black-and-white image. Gradually turning to color, it starts to scroll nicely. It was a reportage of the time (1914). It becomes a film (of today). A sea of plastic. A rhinoceros in the ship's hold. And the departure of the "Gloria N", the liner. And the ship sails...

Hable con ella

By Pedro Almodovar // Spain // 2001 // 1h52

Men who cry, who talk, who dare to love and say they love. Women lost in the bowels of silence, women of character who tame their bodies through dance or bullfighting. We discover that Pedro Almodovar also knows how to film men magnificently.

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