Do we still have to pay the artists?

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With the Syndicat National des Metteuses et Metteurs en Scène

"All work deserves a wage": it would seem that the artist, and in this case the director in particular, must continually justify his labour, and even multiply it, in order to live up to the adage.

Cloître Saint-Louis © Festival d'Avignon


At a time when the artistic world is plagued by precariousness, the question of the usefulness of our remuneration is a provocation. Given the constant increase in structural costs and budget cuts, the artistic margin is constantly shrinking. From the emergence to the end of our career, we are constantly forced to limit our ambitions and to multiply the actions in parallel with our creations. Under these conditions, can we still live from our art?


With Julia Vidit actress, director and trainer, director of the CDN de Nancy - Théâtre de la Manufacture, Caroline Verdu SNDTP president and director of the Pépinière and Daunou theatres (1st woman to hold this position in the SNDTP), Laurent Hatat director, artistic director of Cie Animamotrix, elected member of the SYNDEAC national council, Panchika Velez director, vice-president of Théatre Privé, Pierre Pradinas director, artistic director of the Cie, vice-president of Théâtre Public, Audrey Bertrand actress, director, artistic director of the collective La Bande à Léon, administrator of the SNMS, Frédéric Biéssy director of La Scala, vice-president of the Théâtre de La Scène Indépendante (ex-SNES), Denis Gravouil general secretary of the Fédération du Spectacle - CGT, Cyril le Grix director, artistic director of the Cie 1080, president of the SNMS

Animated by Marie-José Sirach journalist at l'Humanité

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