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Eva Jospin

Timeless works where cardboard structures, drawings in motion, and fascinating embroideries collide. A carte blanche to Eva Jospin. 

Contre-Monde, exhibition at the Collection Lambert, Eva Jospin © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


Caves, cenotaphs, stratifications... Cardboard and other materials to create works which fit her unique sensitivity. Eva Jospin presents her work at the Collection Lambert as part of the Ruinart carte blanche. In her exhibition "Contre-Monde", her "Masterpieces," in the artisanal sense of the term, emerge as timeless architectures. The "Carmontelles," rolled-up drawings, privilege intimacy and demand to be set in motion to be read and reveal their adventures. As for the gigantic "Forests," they create the various stages of an unprecedented journey in the whiteness of the basement rooms. Through her creations that prioritize movement, perception, or delicate manipulations, the visual artist reveals a "whole distant world" closest to our emotions. 

Interview with Eva Jospin


Design Eva Jospin


Acknowledgements Collection Lambert, Alain Lombard, Alice Durel, Stéphane Ibars, Aude Marquet and Tiphanie Romain
The Ruinart teams, Frédéric Dufour, Alexia de Montgolfier, Jean-Baptiste Duquesne, Emma Desevedavy, Heloïse Madon and Fabien Vallerian
Atelier Eva Jospin, Marie Mur and the team: Coline Creuzot, Pétronille Dugast, Jeanne Fillion, Auriane Floquet, Marine Giry, Dominika Kaczmarczyk, Julie Lemoine, Sarah Martin, Sarah Montet, Adelia Sautereau, Vanina Poncelet-Carli and Camille Pradel de Lamaze
And finally, Galleria Continua, Suzanne Tarasieve Gallery and Mariane Ibrahim Gallery.

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