What builds us, what changes us

What does the meeting between artists and people in extreme poverty bring to our relationship with otherness?

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The 2022 archive

With Abbé Pierre Foundation

A game of impromptu speaking in which each person states what the artistic encounter provokes.

Atelier théâtre, 2022 © Marie CM Photography


Each of them states what the artistic encounter provokes for himself, for the other, whoever he may be. How do these encounters transform our intimate view, our relationship with otherness, our dignity?


With Nicolas Duvoux sociologist, Mohamed El Khatib director, people supported by the Fondation Abbé Pierre networks, an audience member, Frédérique Kaba director of the social missions of the Fondation Abbé Pierre


Through the experiment C'est pas du luxe, a festival co-sponsored by the Fondation Abbé Pierre, La Garance Scène nationale de Cavaillon, the association Le Village, Emmaüs France and the City of Avignon

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