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Maud Le Pladec

The documentary presents famous female musicians who have left their mark on contemporary electronic music.

Sisters with Transistors, a film by Lisa Rovner, 2020 © DR


Documentary on the female pioneers of electronic music whose radical experiments in the 20th century redefined the boundaries of music. The film presents famous musicians such as Wendy Carlos (Clockwork Orange, Shining, Tron), Suzanne Ciani, Laurie Spiegel... All of them, and each in their own way, have cleared́ new territories, which still resonate in contemporary electronic music. At the frontier of composition, research, and technological experimentation, they have found́ through the machines a space of freedom and creativity, which a traditional music world, still very male, did not grant them.


Followed by a discussion with Maud Le Pladec (the film was chosen in close collaboration with Chloé Thévenin), moderated by Hugues Le Tanneur, theatre critic for Transfuge magazine.


With the cinemas Utopia
In partnership with Transfuge magazine

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Sisters with Transistors, a film by Lisa Rovner, 2020 © DR