Keep on, walk and walk, walk the speakers

The 2022 archive

Otomo de Manuel

THE PERIPATETICIANS, first part of the Icons cycle. Or the art of questioning oneself while walking body to body.

Keep on, walk and walk, walk the speakers, Otomo de Manuel, 2022 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage / Festival d'Avignon


How can one skip out, under the din of moralists and haters? Three high-flying pilgrims, sturdy wanderers, and radiant streetwalkers in the diagonals of silence, sketch an escape and dare turn their backs on the new geometries of indignation. A diagonal of Spinozist beauty, perched on glass heels. The first part in the Icônes cycle.

Ranga Langa is an experimental musician with a background in philosophy and improvised music. He regularly works with the Ballet de Lorraine, and directs an ensemble which works as an acoustic laboratory with which he explores silence as the centre around which his writing revolves.

Éléa Ha Minh Tay is a young dancer who has already established her unique style thanks to her strong personality. The product of intense body discipline, at the crossroads between hip hop dance, physical training, martial arts, and sexuality.


With Éléa Ha Minh Tay, Ranga Langa, Otomo de Manuel

Text, conception and direction Otomo de Manuel


Production Pinky Panda Production
Co-production SACD, Festival d’Avignon
With the support of the Ordinary Damaged Movements