In this garden we loved

Based on Pascal Quignard's novel

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Marie Vialle

Lyon / Created in 2022

Marie Vialle adapts Pascal Quignard’s In this garden we loved, the story of American pastor Simeon Pease Cheney, between bird songs and inconsolable grief.

In this garden we loved, Marie Vialle, 2022 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage / Festival d'Avignon


In the second half of the 19th century, a music-loving minister loses his wife as she gives birth to their daughter. He finds refuge in his grief and starts paying attention to the noises of the world, from bird songs to the sound of rain. He rejects his daughter Rosamund, whose resemblance to her mother he finds unbearable… Adapting Pascal Quignard’s novel, Dans ce jardin qu’on aimait (In this garden we loved), director and actress Marie Vialle leads us into a world of sound where loneliness becomes total attention to the world and the memory of a loved one the manifestation of an unexpected cruelty. Inspired by the life of the American composer Simon Pease Cheney, played by Yann Boudaud, this show unfolds in a pared-down space where bird songs awaken in us the awareness of an infinite world. For this fifth collaboration with Pascal Quignard, Marie Vialle unspools the thread of a moving story, where the beauty of literature can be heard through the portraits of solitary beings entirely devoted to creation.

The author of a protean body of work (essays, novels, short stories)—considered to be one of the most important in contemporary French literature and often revolving around loneliness and music—Pascal Quignard became a household name after the film adaptation of his novel Tous les matins du monde (Alain Corneau, 1991) and his Prix Goncourt win for Les Ombres errantes in 2002. Dans ce jardin qu’on aimait was published in 2017.


With Yann Boudaud, Marie Vialle

Conception and direction Marie Vialle
Direction collaboration Eric Didry
Texts Pascal Quignard
Adaptation David Tuaillon and Marie Vialle
Set design and costumes Yvett Rotscheid
Sound Nicolas Barillot
Lights Joël Hourbeigt
Vocal and musical work Dalila Khatir

Production officer Ysore Bonnardel


Production Compagnie Sur le bout de la langue
Co-production Théâtre national de Nice, Châteauvallon-Liberté scène nationale, Festival d’Avignon, La Comète Scène nationale de Châlons-en-Champagne, Théâtre du Bois de l’Aune (Aix en Provence), Les Célestins théâtre de Lyon, Théâtre Garonne - scène européenne de Toulouse, Comédie de Picardie Scène conventionnée (Amiens)
With the support of the Drac Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - ministère de la Culture, Activités Sociales de l'énergie, Centquatre-Paris, Théâtre de la Bastille (Paris)
With the help of François Chattot and Martine Schambacher

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