Culture in proximity, festivals as drivers of cultural decentralization

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With France Festivals

Festivals, cultural irrigation tools adapted to the diversity of the territories.

Rencontre France Festivals 2022 © Marie CM Photography


Symbols of cultural decentralization success and of cultural appropriation by local authorities, festivals represent today the most adapted instrument of cooperation and cultural irrigation to the diversity of territories, one of those which shaped the French cultural landscape as we know it. These exchanges will be illustrated by the presentation of the first national mapping of festivals.


With Emmanuel Négrier research director at the CNRS and director of Cepel, Thierry Pariente cultural advisor, fight against precariousness, democratic renewal of the SUD Region, Paul Rondin co-president of France Festivals

Moderated by Alexandra Bobes director of France Festivals


In collaboration with the CNRS, the Ministry of Culture/ DEPS-doc

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