Wiping the slate clean and move forward

Remembering the future with Jean Vilar

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With the Association Jean Vilar and the Bibliothèque nationale de France

To go forward and keep inventing in a crisis, a panel around Jean Vilar’s legacy.

Jean Vilar © Agnès Varda - Enguerand


Both at the Festival and at the TNP, from 1947 till his death in 1971, Jean Vilar’s career was punctuated by many moments of crisis and doubt. How to go forward, build, and invent in a crisis? What can we learn from this for our present?


With Emmanuel Ethis sociologist and rector of the académie de Rennes, Emmanuelle Loyer historian and professor at Sciences Politiques, Violaine Vielmas PhD candidate

Hosted by Judith Sibony from Théâtre(s)

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Jean Vilar © Agnès Varda - Enguerand