Remember the future

With Christiane Taubira and Judith Chemla

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Edgar Morin and Nicolas Truong

To celebrate Edgar Morin's 100th birthday, a unique dialogue with the thinker of complexity, interspersed with dramatic and musical presentations.

Edgar Morin © AFP / Pascal Guyot

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Born on 8 July, 1921, Edgar Morin is a child of the 20th century who personally experienced the raptures of history. A theoretician of knowledge and a hero of the Resistance, a dissenting voice against Stalinism and a tireless wanderer on the paths of hope, an anthropologist of death a sociologist of the present time, Edgar Morin is a cultural omnivore and a generous thinker. One who never shied away from the unfolding of history or from thinking about it. Calling on his most striking memories and accompanied by guests who have been inspired by his ideas, he will attempt to draw a new path into our future.

Christiane Taubira is a former representative (1993-2012) and Minister of Justice (2012-2016), as well as the author of several books, including Nous habitons la Terre (Philippe Rey, 2017), Nuit d’épine (Plon, 2019), and Gran Balan (Plon, 2020).

Judith Chemla is an actress, writer, musician, and singer. She has appeared in Traviata, vous méritez un avenir meilleur (directed by Benjamin Lazar, 2016) and sang Schubert's Ave Maria in Notre-Dame on 10 April, 2020.


Edgar Morin © AFP / Pascal Guyot