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Grégoire Korganow

Bondy / Created in 2021

Series of photographs and recorded readings of inmates’ letters make Proche an experience of sensitivity beyond incarceration.

Grégoire Korganow, Proche, 2021 © Grégoire Korganow


To give a different face to prison: this is the challenge photographer and director Grégoire Korganow tackles with Proche, his exhibition at the Église des Célestins. Author of several series about the prison environment, the artist chooses to reveal through a subtle scenography the sensitivity hidden within this little-known world, this place of deprivation and violence. In three steps, the visitor becomes spectator of a work of unveiling: outside the visiting room, portraits of people who come to visit inmates (L’instant d’après (The Moment After)); right outside the prison, a no man’s land which marginalises the place and, by extension, its inhabitants (Périphéries (Peripheries)); through the voices of anonymous people, via the letters of inmates who answered Grégoire Korganow’s question: “What do you dream of?” (Mon rêve familier (My Familiar Dream)). Between incredible hope and pure reality.


Conception and direction Grégoire Korganow
Exhibition designer Bernard Bréchet
Sound Christian Fontaine
Video Delphine Cavailloles
Images postproduction Caroline Consigny (Processus Photo, Paris)
Calibration of moving images Eléna Erhel (Granon Digital)
Photo prints and frames Studio AZA
Construction Festival d’Avignon, Atelier 3C
Technical management Thierry Wilmort
Delegated management Mélanie Roger
Development and diffusion Sabrina Ponti


Production Libre champ
Co-production Fondation M6, Gepsa, Association Georges Hourdin, Le Mas (Lyon)
With the support of Fondation des Artistes, SCAM-Brouillon d’un rêve, Caritas France, Région Normandie
With the help of Festival d'Avignon, Observatoire International des Prisons,  Prison Insider, Ministère de la Justice

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Press conference - 6 July

  • Press conference
With Christiane Jatahy, Grégoire Korganow, Joanne Leighton, Agnès Troly and Angélica Liddell

The 2021 archive