Matriarchy : when the past shines a light on the Future...

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With the Ligue internationale contre le racisme et l’antisémitisme (Licra)

A dialogue between a choreographer and a woman rabbi around matriarchy.

Cloître Saint-Louis © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


What can a choreographer fascinated by Paleolithic painted caves and a woman rabbi have to say to each other? Many things perhaps, about their common struggle against the erasure of women, about initiatory rites, about art and matriarchy, between long-lost reality and science-fiction literature…


With Mylène Benoit choreographer, Delphine Horvilleur rabbi

Hosted by Abraham Bengio president of the Culture commission of the Licra

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Cloître Saint-Louis © Christophe Raynaud de Lage




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The 2021 archive