Freedom, I'll have lived your dream until the very last day

Based on René Char and Frantz Fanon's work

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The 2021 archive

Felwine Sarr and Dorcy Rugamba

Namur / Created in 2021

A meeting of three minds, of three committed men who chose writing and poetry as an art of affirmation, resistance, and freedom.

Freedom, I'll have lived your dream until the very last day, Felwine Sarr and Dorcy Rugamba, 2021 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage / Festival d'Avignon


Standing and free. That’s the best way to sum up this original creation, which brings together three men who chose writing as the art of resistance: poet René Char, psychiatrist Frantz Fanon, and economist Felwine Sarr, for whom literature is a vital necessity. Beside them, Dorcy Rugamba, director, Marie-Laure Crochant, actress, T.I.E and Majnun, musicians, united in an endless quest for freedom and by the shared desire to show us “habitable worlds.” They lend their voices to this diverse and sensual text made up of all sorts of materials: stories and songs, images and sounds. “We forget that universalism is pluriversal, that we all live through the same human experience but that the human experience has a different face for each of us.” Like the figures it calls on, this show stands against abjection by never forgetting the relationship between individual consciousness and collective fate.

A psychiatrist, writer, and fighter, Frantz Fanon (1925-1961) is a major figure of anti-colonialism. Celebrated by Jean-Paul Sartre and the Black Panthers alike, his work explores the psychological consequences of colonisation.

René Char (1907-1988) joined the French Resistance in 1940, and this commitment would long echo in his artistic quest which strove to find the balance between suffering and hope. A great poet whose work was always based on reality.


Avec Marie-Laure Crochant, Majnun, Felwine Sarr, T.I.E

based on René Char : excerpts from Marteau sans maître, Feuillets d’Hypnos, Partage Formel, Recherche de la base et du sommet, La Parole en Archipel
based on Frantz Fanon : excerpts from Peau noire, Masques blancs, Les damnés de la terre
based on Raphaël Confiant : excerpts from L’insurrection de l’âme. Vie et mort du Guerrier-silex (Caraïbeditions)
based on Alice Cherki : excerpts from Frantz Fanon : portrait (Seuil) 
Direction and stage design Dorcy Rugamba
Music Majnun, T.I.E


Production Théâtre de Namur, La Charge du Rhinocéros
Co-production Otto Productions, Théâtre national Wallonie-Bruxelles, Théâtre de Liège, Théâtre Jean Vilar / Vitry-sur-Scène, Les Célestins Théâtre de Lyon, le Grand T Théâtre de Loire Atlantique, le Grand Théâtre de Dakar
In partnership with France Médias Monde

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