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Clément Cogitore

Braguino, a film by Clément Cogitore, 2017 © rights reserved


It’s the barely-believable story of a family living in complete autarky in the middle of eastern Siberia, 700 kilometres away from the nearest village. The Braguines went there on a quest for absolute isolation and communion with nature. Right away we are struck by those giant forests of conifers and birch trees, by the vastness of this intact and hostile world in which a few men, women, and children seem to have return to the origins of the world. Images of a tangible paradise, fiction of a possible cosmic harmony, from Walden to great adventure stories: by opening up the spectator’s imagination, Braguinoimmerges us in a faraway community all the better to explore the myths and realities underpinning our own societies.



The screening will be followed by a meeting with Anne-Cécile Vandalem hosted by Marjorie Bertin journalist at Transfuge


With the cinemas Utopia
In partnership with Transfuge magazine

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The 2021 archive