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The 2021 archive

Barbara Carlotti and Prieur de la Marne

Paris - Reims / Created in 2021

Open the doors of perception. Singer Barbara Carlotti lends her voice to the Beat Generation, with help from "sound assembler" Prieur de la Marne, for a journey to the edge of trance.

Beat Generation, Barbara Carlotti and Prieur de la Marne, 2021 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage / Festival d'Avignon


Singer Barbara Carlotti and “sound assembler” Prieur de la Marne celebrate the Beat Generation, the American movement which, during the postwar period and until the 1960s, played a decisive role in art history. Through the figures of William S. Burroughs, poet and author (Naked Lunch) and Brion Gysin, inventor of the cut-up technique and of the Dreamachine, which helps awaken unique sensations “without having to take drugs,” their goal is to “open the doors of perception.” Their material? A montage of sound archives, film dialogues, songs, and on top of it all poetry, the music of voice… In the spirit of cut-up, it all clashes together into layers that take form under the fingers of Prieur de la Marne while Barbara Carlotti turns poems into hallucinogenic stories and sings extracts from her album Magnétique. Homage and legacy… The Beat Generation reappears under cover of night in the Cour Montfaucon, when our two protagonists invite us on a cosmic journey.


With Barbara Carlotti, Prieur de la Marne


Production Maison de la poésie Scène littéraire - Paris
With the support of the Sacem

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