The Pied Piper

Based on the Brothers Grimm

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The 2020 archive

Joachim Latarjet


Inspired by the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, a musical show whose echoes are at once cruel and funny. Can music help us escape human stupidity?

The Pied Piper, Joachim Latarjet, 2020 © Olivier Ouadah


The grass is green, the trees are swaying in the wind... What idyllic scenery! But let's not discount human stupidity. After so long wasting resources and lowering taxes to the point that the town can't afford to have the streets cleaned, the rats have taken over! Madame mayor is desperate to find a solution, when at last a musician offers to take care of the problem. How? With his instrument, a trombone—which the mayor mistakenly calls a flute. And it works! But the townsfolk don't want to pay him, and it will cost them dearly... Joachim Latarjet uses the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm as the basis for a cruel and funny musical show which seems to echo our own times. As the piper, he faces a number of characters played by actress Alexandra Fleischer, whose various points of view encourage us to compare, challenge, and question them. An exploration of music, of course, and of the usefulness of art, but also of this incredible gift humans seem to have to wound and dirty their own world.


With Alexandra Fleischer, Joachim Latarjet

Text, music, direction Joachim Latarjet
Artistic collaboration Yann Richard
Lights Léandre Garcia-Lamolla
Video Alexandre Gavras, Julien Téphany
Sound Tom Ménigault
Costumes Nathalie Saulnier


Production Théâtre de Sartrouville et des Yvelines Centre dramatique national, Compagnie Oh ! Oui...
With the support of Drac Île-de-France

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