Un paese di Calabria

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By Shu Aiello and Catherine Catella (2017)

Riace owes its rebirth to the arrival of 200 Kurds whose boat washed up on the beach one day in 1998.
Un Paese di Calabria © DR


Like many villages in southern Italy, Riace has long been the stage of a massive rural exodus. One day, a boat with two hundred Kurds onboard washes up on the beach. Spontaneously, the inhabitants help them. Little by little, migrants and villagers rebuild abandoned houses, revive the local economy, and guarantee the future of the school. This is how, for the past 20 years, the utopian vision of a small community in the heart of a Europe more and more seduced by segregation has given rise to a haven of peace for refugees. Watching closely as people from different backgrounds work together to create new ways of being and values, the directors rekindle our hope in humanity and in a better future.


With Utopia cinema
In partnership
with France Médias Monde, Amnesty International France

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Un Paese di Calabria © DR