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By Nuno Escudeiro (2019)

Locals from the Roya valley fight to do what they think is right in the name of solidarity.
The Valley - Preview showing © DR


It is through the Roya and Durance valleys that refugees try to cross from Italy into France when they are denied access at the border in Menton and Vintimille. Seeing their distress, some of the locals have decided to welcome them in spite of everything, to protect them, to offer them “bed and board.” Not so long ago, the law commanded us to help any person in danger, but now it says that right doesn't apply to undocumented immigrants. This film tells their personal stories, but also their collective interactions. It follows “regular” people who fight to keep doing what they think is right, in the name of solidarity.


With Utopia cinema
In partnership
with France Médias Monde, the LICRA

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