Snow White, story of a Prince

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The 2019 archive

By Marie Dilasser

Michel Raskine

Lyon / Created in 2019

More the story of a prince than of a princess, this fairy tale begins after the wedding, with a couple no longer happy ever after…
Snow White, story of a Prince


Between the shadow of the Brothers Grimm and the pop aesthetics of Walt Disney, Michel Raskine calls on his Snow White to give theatre a variation on the well-known theme. Much more the story of a prince than of a princess, his Snow White begins after the fairy tale. The wedding has been consummated, laziness is settling in, the kingdom is withering away, and while rivers are running dry, the dwarves are now 101 in number. If those malfunctions no longer lead to peaceful plains of happiness, Snow White isn't one to take it lying down. So what if we switched codes and points of view? To illustrate this original fairy tale in which nature is decimated and gender questioned, the director goes back to the basics of the stage and the principles of touring theatre to give younger audiences and adults alike the chance to keep believing in the movement of both objects and souls.

An actor and director, Michel Raskine was the director of the Théâtre du Point du Jour in Lyon. He has directed plays (Théâtres, written for him by Olivier Py, Jean-Luc Lagarce's It's Only the End of the World for the Comédie-Française, Marivaux's The Triumph of Love, or Heiner Müller's Quartett) and operas (Giuseppe Verdi's Otello). Snow White, story of a Prince was a commission written by Marie Dilasser, and is Michel Raskine's first show for younger audiences. 

Marie Dilasser
Marie Dilasser lives in Brittany, where she writes and has managed a village bar for a long time. When she joined the creative writing department of the Ensatt in Lyon, she met Michel Raskine, and offered him to direct Me zo gwin ha te zo dour ou Quoi être maintenant ? (Me zo gwin ha te zo dour, or, What to be now?), followed by Le Sous-locataire (The Subletter). Her work (Echo-Système [Echo-System], Paysage Intérieur Brut [Raw Inner Landscape], etc.) has been published and performed throughout France.

Blanche-Neige, histoire d'un Prince by Marie Dilasser, is published by Les Solitaires intempestifs.


With Alexandre Bazan, Marief Guittier, Tibor Ockenfels

Text Marie Dilasser
Direction and costumes Michel Raskine
Stage set Stéphanie Mathieu
Lights Julien Louisgrand
Mechanical objects Olivier Sion
Artistic collaboration Claire Dancoisne
Stage set construction Jean-Luc Bersoult, Pascal Nougier et Alexandre Bazan,
Stéphanie Mathieu
Ruff Marie-Fred Fillion


Production Rask!ne & Compagnie
Co-production Festival d'Avignon, Le Bateau Feu Scène nationale Dunkerque, La Maison/Nevers Scène conventionnée Art en territoire en préfiguration, Théâtre du Vellein Communauté d'Agglomération Porte de l'Isère, Théâtre Molière - Sète Scène nationale archipel de Thau
With the help of  Théâtre La Licorne (Dunkerque)

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