Sleep isn’t a safe place

النوم لیس مكاناً آمناً

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Miryam Haddad


Grotesque characters, scenes halfway between joy and unease: Miryam Haddad’s colourful paintings, like the poster she made for the Festival, illuminate the 73rd edition and the Collection Lambert.

Sleep isn’t a safe place © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


Syrian artist Miryam Haddad, 28, introduces us to her world, reminiscent of the vibrant and colourful works of James Ensor and Oskar Kokoschka. Her scenes feature grotesque characters and slowly reveal subtler, deeper layers, which turn this phantasmatic world into a wonderful, surprising game of agility for the eyes. At times mad dances, at times myths full of colourful shapes, shifting between joy and unease, the paintings of the Paris-based artist mesmerise with their diversity, their elusive themes, their originality. A body of work perfectly illustrated by the poster of the Festival d'Avignon, about which Miryam Haddad says, following her reading of Homer's Odyssey: “he writes about morning as 'rose-fingered dawn.' I found that beautiful (...). For the Festival d'Avignon, I wanted to see the sky pink.” A dream in and of itself, if not quite a programme...

Born in 1991 in Syria, Myriam Haddad joined the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris after studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus. After her studies, her work was presented at Artagon III, the international meeting of art school students. Several of her paintings were then acquired by the Collection Lambert. The gallery Art: Concept hosted her in 2018 for her first solo show, Désordres. The collective show Jeunes artistes en Europe, une Métamorphose at the Fondation Cartier allowed the public to discover new paintings before her second solo show at the Collection Lambert during the Festival d'Avignon.


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