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Tiganá Santana

Salvador de Bahia / First time in France

The great Brazilian singer Tiganá Santana sings songs by Milton Nascimento, an anti-establishment artist of the 1970s.

Milagre dos peixes © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


A rising star of Brazilian music, Tiganá Santana combines African and South American influences in his compositions with rare subtlety, and chooses today to cover a key album of the 1970s resistance against the military regime. With Milagre dos Peixes (Miracle of the Fish) by Milton Nascimento, co-founder of the band Clube des Esquina, Tiganá Santana pays homage to what he calls “an unprecedented event in the history of Brazilian music.” Accompanied by two musicians, and with new arrangements, he lends his voice to the singer's political lyricism in order to give new perspectives to a movement of resistance against a newly-elected government nostalgic for years of repression. Tiganá Santana, born in the Brazilian black community, puts his personal conscience into the songs, but also his engagement against oppression to express the possibility of a multicultural society which could break free from segregation and exclusion.

A new voice in Brazilian music led by the moving rhythms of his drum-guitar, Tiganá Santana sings in several languages, including African dialects. Born in the black community, he has developed his music in accordance with the imaginative and curious legacy of his elders, adding strong African influences. His compositions have earned him recognition throughout the world, both from lovers of traditional Brazilian music and from jazz or folk aficionados. 


With Tiganá Santana (guitar, singing, percussions), Ldson Galter (bass, vocals, guitar), Sebastian Notini (percussions, saxophone, keyboards, vocals)

Music Milton Nascimento
Reinterpretation and arrangements by Tiganá Santana, Ledson Galter, Sebastian Notini


Production Helico Music
Co-hosting Festival d'Avignon, Là ! C'est de la Musique

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Milagre dos peixes © Kosuke Arakawa


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