The Night of no return

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Monsieur K

Created in 2018

In high heels and in songs, from act to act and from dusk till dawn, Monsieur K invites you to lose yourself in the warm embrace of the Delirium, for two celebrations full of creatures, scream, and poetry.

The Night of no return © Christophe Raynaud de Lage

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To reinvent and shift our collective imagination and the fantasies it carries, to let the incredible arise from ephemeral and improbable artistic encounters, to lose meaning but find the way again, to make fleeting experiments, to live unexpected and unique moments, to comfort and reinforce the burning desire to be close to the artist and their work, to be drunk on poetry and satire, to laugh, cry, sing... such is the beating heart of this Night of no return, imagined specifically for the Festival d'Avignon. Ardour and sensuality are what unite the many personalities invited by Monsieur K. Musicians Anna Petrovna and Frédéric Chopine enchant us with their playful beat and enthusiasm. Also invited: the creatures of Madame  Arthur's troupe; Jonathan Capdevielle, actor, singer, puppeteer, director, and dancer; Dimitri Hatton, performer, clown, actor, and musician; Jeanne Plante, wild singer. The Night of no return pushes dawn away, confuses identities, and opens up a space of dreams and fantasies, leaving room for last-minute guests and other explorers of this nocturnal adventure...

Monsieur K
Born in Orleans, Jérôme Marin studied in his hometown conservatory before coming up in 2001 with the character of Monsieur K, for solo or group cabaret projects. He has worked with many artists (singers, performers, dancers, clown, actors, etc.) and directed many shows, bringing new life to this nocturnal world of songs, acts, fantasy, and cross-dressing, which has been experiencing a renewal since the opening of the Madame Arthur cabaret in Paris in 2015.


With Antoine Bernollin (Anna Petrovna), 
Fred Ferrand (Frédéric Chopine), Dimitri Hatton,
Jérôme Marin (Monsieur K), David Noir, Jeanne Plante

And the  troupe de Madame Arthur

Conception Monsieur K


Production Loges Production
With the support
of the Ville d'Orléans
Festival d'Avignon, Delirium

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