The Legacy of Great Thinkers - Simone Weil, the rebel

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Animé par Laure Adler

A reflection of her life, her work teaches the art of revolt and rebellion.

The Legacy of Great Thinkers - Simone Weil, the rebel © DR


A teacher and philosopher who never shied away from a fight, she teaches us the art of revolt and rebellion through her philosophical, political, and spiritual work. Living in accordance with her philosophy, she denounced the legacy of colonialism and fought for the freedom to debate the evils of the unequal access to knowledge and the difficulties of conquering the self.


With Emmanuel Gabellieri, philosopher and professor at the Catholic University of Lyon, Valérie Gérard philosopher and programme director at the International College of Philosophy,  Yann Gomez publisher,  Kristian Lupa director, Olivier Py

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