Sisters of an Angel

De Afi Gbegbi (Togo)

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The 2018 archive

With RFI

Togo / Created in 2018

Never-ending vengeance as a means of emancipation.
Sisters of an Angel © DR


Three young women aged 20 to 30 meet in a cemetery by the grave of a man they claim to have killed. They smoke, drink, play music, sing, and dance to prevent him from resting in peace. Never-ending vengeance as a means of emancipation.

Winner of the Prix Inédits d'Afrique et Outremer 2018.


With Rehab Mehal, Jessica Fanhan, Annette Gatta et Anthony Marcon (bass)
Sound Creation Pierre Alexandre Lampert


Conception and coordination Pascal Paradou
Voice setting Armel Roussel
Artistic collaboration Coline Struyf

A partnership between the Festival d'Avignon, RFI, Armel Roussel/[e]utopia[4] (soutenu par Wallonie-Bruxelles International)
With the support of la SACD dans le cadre de son action culturelle radiophonique

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Jardin de la rue de Mons © Christophe Raynaud de Lage