The same thing

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The 2017 archive

Joachim Latarjet and Nikolaus

Created in 2017

Please note that if you buy a ticket for "The same thing", it will be valid for the second show of programme B "Bullets-Proof Laughter".

The same thing © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


“All his life, Georges Carl has performed the same number. The same thing... Three times a day, for over forty years, he's made people laugh at the same moments, for the same reasons. Did he think, at that moment, that he was writing a piece of the history of the universe? Probably, otherwise he may have changed his number, and thus his life... Well, for us, it's the same thing.”


Joachim Latarjet
A founding member of the theatrical and musical companies Sentimental Bourreau and Sentimental Trois 8, the composer of Philippe Découflé's solo Le doute m'habite [I'm full of doubt], Joachim Latarjet already conceived as a child of scenic creation as a collective and interdisciplinary enterprise. A multi-instrumentalist, actor, director, and writer, he has been co-director, for the past ten years, of the Oh! Oui... company, along with Alexandra Fleischer

A graduate of the Centre national des arts du cirque, where he now teaches, and the recipient of prestigious international awards, Nikolaus first joined Archaos and the cirque Baroque, before creating his own shows and founding the Pré-O-Coupé company with Ivika Meister in 1998. Halfway between juggling and theatre, his plays focus on laughter, to disarm despair and rearm vitality.


Design and interpretation Joachim Latarjet and Nikolaus


Production Compagnie Oh ! Oui..., Compagnie Pré-O-Coupé
Co-production SACD, Festival d'Avignon

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