Le sujet des sujets

20 years of Sujets à vif

  • Indiscipline
The 2017 archive

Frédéric Ferrer

Created in 2017

Le sujet des sujets © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


An explorer of places and relationships, Frédéric Ferrer will dress up as the master of ceremony to unveil the secrets of the Sujets à vif: what is under that stage? What is really at play in the Jardin de la Vierge? Based on encounters and inventiveness, the mythical “Sujets” couldn't celebrate their twentieth birthday without a few guests and without imagining for themselves a new destiny, and maybe a major one, within the Festival.


Frédéric Ferrer
Since 1994, Frédéric Ferrer, actor, director, and writer, has explored onstage the theories and scientific experiments revolving around the climate, madness, and the Anthropocene, mapping with his shows of absurd geography the relationship between Man and space in general, spaces in particular, and thus to himself.


Design and interpretation Frédéric Ferrer
Set design Samuel Sérandour
Images Claire Gras

Guest artists

08 July : Mélissa Von Vépy
09 July : Olivier Dubois
10 July : Aude Lachaise

12 July : Jacques Bonnaffé
13 July : Johanne Saunier
14 July : Phia Ménard

19 July : D'De Kabal
20 July : Josef Nadj & Dominique Mercy
21 July : Claire Diterzi

23 July : Nadia Beugré
24 July : Sylvain Prunenec
25 July : Agnès Sourdillon


Production Vertical Détour
Co-production SACD, Festival d'Avignon

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