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What is it that, during childhood, creates aspiration and leads to creation? How do what Marcel Proust called “the high and thin enclaves of the past” emerge to elevate and enlighten us? How do the milk and ink of our childhood combine to hint at a vocation? Those are the questions that Robin Renucci wants to ask, with the help of the precise observations of Proust, Gary, Valéry, or Rimbaud. By bringing diverse works together in a dialogue with Nicolas Stavy's piano, he encourages his audience to wander down memory lane to explore childhood as the beginning of a work in progress.


An actor and director, Robin Renucci studied theatre starting in 1975 at the Atelier-École Charles Dullin, then at the Conservatoire national supérieur d'art dramatique in Paris. He has appeared in plays directed by Roger Planchon, Antoine Vitez, Patrice Chéreau, Marie-Paule André, Marcel Bluwal, and has worked in cinema with many directors. He plays the role of a country doctor in the television series Un village français. He was appointed director of the Tréteaux de France in 2011, following Marcel Maréchal's tenure; there, he directed Strindberg's Miss Julie, Honoré de Balzac's Le Faiseur, and Jerry Sterner's Other People's Money. In 2015, Robin Renucci was invited by the Festival d'Avignon to read Homeriad, an epic song by Dimitris Dimitriadis, accompanied by music composed by Martin Romberg and performed by the Orchestre régional Avignon-Provence.

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